Welcome to Legion Studios

Legion Studios operates under the banner of VFX Legion as a place for our artists to call home. Our goal is to create a true ‘legion’ of artists from around the world, with the sole purpose of working together to create stunning, realistic imagery.

Would you like to be a part of the team? Do you have what it takes to stand on the vanguard of visual effects? Then you’re in the right place: this site is dedicated to getting potential Legionnaires up to speed about how we like to work.

About VFX Legion

VFX Legion operates a hybrid model of remote and local artists to create world-leading VFX. Depending on the project, we use talent locally at our Burbank headquarters or scale up to work with artists based all over the world.

We focus on security, quality of work, and quality of life. Take a look at our Artist News page to learn a little about our way of thinking right from the people that contribute to the Legion way of life.

Meet the Artists

We welcome talented artists from anywhere in the world to contribute to our high-end CG and VFX work.