What qualifications do I need to join Legion?

Legion accepts any applicant that shows high levels of proficiency in the skillset they’ve chosen to master. Prove to us that you do what you do well, and we’ll be interested in talking to you – however you got to where you currently are.

Is a remote position at Legion a permanent position?

No, but there are long term projects or television seasons that can have us hold onto artists for an extended period of time.

What gear do I need to work effectively at Legion?

Most of the work Legion currently does – and will continue to do in the future – will be native 4k. This means the requirements for our remote artists are somewhat higher. We recommend the following:

If you work and pull a license from our facility via a VPN, you will have a very limited access to the internet on your local machine. We are always building new tools and deepening our levels of security.

How does Legion distribute and pay for work?

Legion was designed by artists for artists. We cultivate open and honest communication with every one of our artists about every shot, encouraging better work alongside creative development.

When the work comes in, we assign shots to artists that are currently available in our network, and then assign the hours to the shot that we’ve bid to our client. These hours are paid at $50/hr USD. We realize many artists make more than that, and also some make less, but as a general rule we would expect an artist to final the shot in about 2/3rd of the time in the bid. However, artists are always paid the full amount of the hours regardless of the time taken on the shot.

To put this into context – imagine there’s a sequence of car composites with similar angles and each shot is 8 hours, or $400. It’s not uncommon to spend 8-12 hours on the first shot, and then an hour or two on all subsequent shots. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be paid any less for those remaining shots.

Artists are always free to turn down any shot on which they feel they may lose money. This is not uncommon. Not everybody excels at every task or has the relevant experience to bring to every shot we work on at Legion.

What happens if a shot I’ve worked on is omitted?

We will never ask an artist to work for free. For omitted shots we pay out the real hours worked up to the amount of hours bid on the shot. So, if you did 2 hours of work on an 8-hour shot, you would be paid $100.

How do I get paid?

Legion has developed a PORTAL for the artists to log in and invoice for the work that they’ve completed. It’s a very simple system that shows the shots that you’ve done and the hours assigned. When a shot is client-finaled, it automatically adds to the invoicing system in your portal. We have a weekly payroll, so if you submit the work before Tuesday, a direct deposit or wire transfer will go out the same week. In the rare occurrences where a show is problematically slow at paying, payment may be delayed for a week or two.

For larger shots and sequences, we generally pay 50% of the invoice up front (upon receipt of our deposit from the client). This helps artists on slower-burn shows and shots, who want to be able to pay the rent or eat food!